Hair Machine – Hairdressers in Highbury



Girls who like to look good, love the attention to detail they receive at Hair Machine hairdressers in Highbury. You’ll leave our salon beaming with confidence after your professional hair styling and cutting. You’ll also feel a little smug given our exceptionally competitive pricing.
Those with lengthy locks should flock to the fabulous Hair Machine salon – the award winning hairdressers in Highbury & Islington. We offer the ultimate maintenance treatment for long hair. The treatment involves a full hair and scalp MOT, followed by an intensive, prescription hair masque and ending with a top-notch trim that wont compromise on style or length – each and every split-end is painstakingly snipped off individually!




For the discerning man who prefers to avoid a barbaric sheep sheering at the barbers, but at the same time would prefer to avoid all the fuss and nonsense of crufts type Hair Salon, you’ll find your local hairdressers in Highbury provide a no nonsense service at significantly less cost than most other hairdressers.